Puppy Grooming: Why you should start them young

Puppy Grooming Why you should start them young

In my first blog I discussed why Dog Grooming is an essential part to your dog’s life.

With this in mind I want to discuss why the best time to introduce your companion to dog grooming is when they are a puppy.

From a young age this gets your puppy used to all the sights, sounds and smells associated with a dog grooming salon. Easing them in with a couple of short sessions before committing to a full treatment will ensure your pets transition into having regular visits is a more pleasant experience for them, reducing their anxiety and yours.

From this stage in your puppy’s life, it’s recommended to have your pet professionally groomed every six to eight weeks. In between professional grooming, you also need to brush your dog’s coat regularly. At around 10-12 months, your puppy’s coat will change and their adult coat will start to come in

For more information on getting your puppy acquainted with dog grooming, feel free to contact me or leave me a comment below

Puppy Grooming: Why you should start them young

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